Music has always been an enormous vibe in my life. Well, let me break it down, I live through music every day of my life. As a spiritually, strong-minded person I feel cleanness of strength. Music relaxes my soul as I journey into another day.

Jazz is like a mystery that continues to rise from the wellspring of my soul. I love Jazz to its fullness. I wake up every morning knowing today I will be ready for me. Life has no stopping point as we pass into what we enjoy and believe in. I get pleasure from the smooth sound of jazz as I encourage myself to follow my dreams. My life will lead me to a trail where I can understand and benefit from other cultures. Keeping an open mind and unwinding in my world of Jazz moves other to recognize Nardi Enterprises will always smooth in the right direction.

R&B, need I say more? The words and music has filled our body and soul with joy, pain, love and forgiveness. The 70ís said it all, the 80ís showed us all, the 90ís gave it all, and the new millennium will change it all and take us back to our roots. There is not a song that is played on the air that does not remind us all that times never change us, it just makes us believe in ourselves. So if you put the years together it all adds up to learning, listening, caring, that you did not revolutionized the music of yesterday or today. We just added a little more flavor. Lets go forward and appreciate what others have established and learn from that.

Dance, has been around for years. Iím sure we all can relate to a good floor shaking dance song like ď Love on a Cutting EdgeĒ I think the word dance speak for it self. We dance till we hurt, movín and groovín until the wee hours of the morning. Dancing make you feel like a kid all over again. Laughing, twisting our body from side to side, jumping around, screaming with our hands up in the air without a care. Dancing with our partners without a worry in the world. I had fun and Iím sure each and every one of you feels the same way. So dance a little, laugh a little, and enjoy the rest of your childhood.

Latin, is a culmination of various cultures including (but not exclusive to) Africa, South America and the Caribbean. All the flavor and mystery of distant land are represented, from the heart-thumping beat of the timbales to the soothing sounds of a Spanish guitar. Latin rhythm has influenced many generations of artists, dancers and singers. Walking through the boroughs of New York one can hear Latin influenced music spilling out of open windows, local bodegas, barbershops and nightspots. Listening closely even the subway has a Latin beat as it rolls up and down the tracks. As with R&B, Dance or House music you can loose yourself in the rhythmic flow of the night. So enjoy, partake and let the Latin Rhythmwithin you soar.

I wrote a book seven years ago about true friendship. This book says a lot about what I have encounter from my past and what I have learn. I have taken the characters of this novel to the test. Love can cure a breaking heart, but can never find itís way back to the truth. I wanted to write a book that would make all of us take a good look at ourselves and realize that there is someone out there that needs to be heard. I speak my mind, but yet Iím a good listener. I spend most of my time on my laptop gathering information for Nardi Enterprises, Inc. This company will stand on it own fighting its way to the top to stand side by side with the others. We at Nardi Enterprises, Inc. believe there are no small companies. Our actions, confidence, strong-mined and ideals have just made us as big as other. 

 Final notes

We at Nardi Enterprises thought it was a good idea to start out with a dance song. We knew we had to come strong with a song that would keep you on your feet from beginning to the end. As we move forward into our journey of the entertainment world, Nardi will be moving toward screenwriting, jingles, children books, poems, clothing design & fashion models. Nardi Enterprises, Inc. personnel have worked hard building a company that will have others wondering what will be next. We realize this is only the challenge, but we have joined a line of the best with a star not to far behind our future.


Wanda Abrams












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