Nardi Enterprises, Inc. will be a full fledge Entertainment Company with sub-specific of entertainment, music, recording, publishing, artist management, movies, radio, advertisement, producing & fashion designing.

Nardi Enterprises, Inc.  is a parent company of: Illa Productions, where our music, jingles, recording, and personal song writing will venture from.

Wanda Abrams, President/Chairperson. –  "This entertainment company is very special and personal to me Nardi is named after my loving strong-minded nephew Rennard Johnson.  I got my experience in the entertainment business from working long hours, as an office manager for Ken  ‘Spider’ Webb Enterprises, Inc." in NYC.

"Nardi Enterprises, Inc. was not a hard decision because having an entertainment company was a life long dream of mine. Music, fashion designing, and writing are my strength and fervor. Expressing my sensitivity and emotions about music & writing will encourage others to see, they can live out their dreams."

"Nardi Enterprises, Inc. is all about teamwork. Without teamwork, there could not be a Nardi Enterprises, Inc. So watch out… we are here to stay."

Luis Ortega, Vice President/CEO. – "My love for music and art enables me to convey passion, strength and commitment to Nardi Enterprises, Inc. Illa Productions is named after my dearly departed and loving mother. I will be concentrating mainly on Illa Productions, guiding all newcomers to the recording industry." 













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