We at Nardi Enterprises would like to thank everyone for your support.  Our website is being revised, adding new enhancements making it easier to navigate. This is just the beginning of our ongoing changes in the entertainment world. The music industry has been sluggish throughout the past several years. Nardi Enterprises is working towards putting back the energy and love into music with great respect for those artists who have lead the way.


Illa Production, staff is working closely with several artists and writers in search of the next sound for a dance CD and a smooth jazz sound to unwind, with a bit of spice and rhythm combine together with a layer of a Latin infusion. The last two CDís were mainly focus on dance and house music. We will keep the same style and also release a CD for the laid back relax crowd.


Next year we will move ahead and share our poetry and short stories. Iím in the progress of completing and editing some of my short stories. There will be stories for every age. We as adults should keep our children and young adults abreast for their future. 


Some of you have been waiting patiently for our next project and the wait wonít be long.


Wanda Abrams, CEO











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